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Berguedà 24 Hours


With the application "Berguedà 24 h tourist office", you can get all the tourist information for the Berguedà (Catalonia).
- The application is available in English, Catalan, Spanish and French.
- Select your preferred language list and the order you want to get the information.
- Capture WaI? Yah! codes (QR) you'll find in places of interest, and get the information without connecting to Internet.
- Locate nearby points of interest, by choosing the types of places you want to find.
- Use the history to retrieve the information from codes you have scanned before.

A collaboration of W3IS2 and Moixeró Software

The project "Berguedà 24 h tourist office" is the result of the collaboration between W3IS2 and Moixeró Software.
These are two young and innovative companies, which usually do collaborations on specific projects.
Currently, the fact that two small companies collaborate and share synergies, allows these companies to create and manage larger projects, in a way more innovative and efficient.
The initiative for the project "24 h tourist office" for Berguedà, has been one of the biggest projects that the two companies have led and is just the beginning of a collaboration that will bring to light new and innovative projects.





Download the application:

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