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2D Barcodes

What are the 2D Barcodes?

2D barcodes are an evolution of the traditional (1D) barcodes found in most products. The advantage of 2D barcodes is that they contain information in two dimensions, so that in a very little area they may contain much more information.


To read data from the 2D barcode you only need a phone with camera and a scanner program (possibly already available as base software from factory). Just focusing the camera at the barcode, the program extracts the information, avoiding having to type with a so limited keyboard. The information in the 2D code can be diverse: text, web addresses, phone numbers, SMS messages (destination number and message text), contact information (name, phone, address, e-mail, ...), etc. So you can call without dialing the number, connect to a Web without entering the URL, send an SMS without having to write it, or add a contact to the address book without having to type it.


2D barcodes can be placed in multiple media: print ads, brochures, billboards and advertising posters, catalogs, websites, ... and allow you to link the physical world with the digital one. Unlike other marketing techniques that the user considers "intrusive" (as the indiscriminate mailing via email), with 2D codes the user is who actively and voluntarily choose to scan it, so that she is more interested in this information or product, and she is more likely to be catch as a customer.

W3IS2 can incorporate 2D barcode technology as part of the overall solution, and tailored at your needs.